This is all my writing this year. Hope you enjoy.

When I was in Disney World, I had an amazing time! The first day when we got there as soon as we went into the room I said ‘’can we go do something?’’ We dropped our things, and raced out the door. On first day we went to go get pins and trade them with people.

Pin trading at Disney World is unique. You can go to any store and you can buy any pins you can think of. Then if you see a pin that someone else has that you like you can trade with them. For example you can trade a splash mountain pin for a pirate pin. You don’t have to trade pins, with other people. I have two lanyards filled with pins at home on my door knob, I have pirate pins, Christmas, Halloween, birthday, splash mountain, and many more!

This is how you can trade pins with other people. First you can trade with kids or when you're in a store you can trade with adults that work there. Next thing is when you trade pins with other people talk to them and ask them where did they get that pin. After that you can trade one of your pins for one of theirs. You get to pick what you want to give them and they get to pick what they give you.That is three simple steps on how to trade pins with other people.

That is about my Disney World trip and about how to trade pins with other people. I recommended that you go to Disney and when you go you should buy pins. Then maybe trade them with people.You will love trading pins with people, and looking at all the pins you have!

Best Time Of Day

When do you think the best time if day is to do your homework? The best time to my homework is as soon as I get home from school. It is best to do homework when i get home from school is because than later you will be tired and put it off until the next day. These are two reasons when i don’t like to get my homework done, and one reason when i like to get my homework done.

I like to get my homework done in the afternoon because i remember everything i just learned from school. The other reason is because if i have to go somewhere after school then i will have all my homework done and won’t have to do it late when i get home. If i procrastinate and do it at the last minute then i will not know what i did at school. That is when i like to get my homework done.

The other reason i don’t like to get it done in the late evening because if i play video games and keep putting it off i will just not want to do it more. If i do it right when i get home i will be finished and i can go do whatever i want to do. If you do it late at night you could finish late and you would go to bed late and be tired for the next day.

I don’t like to get my homework done in the morning of the next day because i am not a morning person. The second reason is because i am tired. Also because i have to go to school early i would rush and do something wrong, or i would forget to do something for homework.I would be mad because i forgot to do it earlier. That is why i don’t like to do my homework in the morning of the next day.

You can see that the afternoon is the best time of day to do your homework. Also why the evening and the morning of the next day are the worst times to do it. There are many reasons why there is a best time of day. That is what time of day i think is best to do my homework.